I started this blog because I am primarily an erotic fiction writer and I post my fiction online at RemittanceGirl.com.  I am also published in various anthologies, with one novel published through Constable & Robinson (Beautiful Losers) and several available via Burning Book Press. I decided that, instead of gumming up my fiction site with non-fiction, non-writing posts, I’d launch a second blog for these.

I’m a writer. I lecture in multimedia design and narrative for the web at a university, and am engaged in a doctorate in creative writing at Roehampton University. I was born in Canada but hold dual Canadian / British nationality and I have lived for the last 13 years in Southeast Asia. I hold an MA in Writing.

I called this blog The Order of Turbulence because I think we are seeing the emergence of a new order in the world. The last ten years have seen fundamental shifts in economic and political power. Countries that once enshrined the free flow of information into their constitutions are busy trying to suppress evidence of the embarrassing truths of their bad behaviour. Countries that were once considered ‘third world’ are now the bankers of ‘first world’ democracies and are gaining serious economic and therefore political influence all over the globe.

It’s a new world. Sometimes I write about it.