Trump: Questions and Incredulity are the Sand We Stick Our Heads In.

10-donald-trump-debate.w750.h560.2xDemocrats and sane Republicans alike keep asking the same questions – sometimes sincerely, sometimes for the sake of rhetoric, sometimes with a knowing wink and nod.

Hasn’t Donald Trump read enough history to know what he’s doing is dangerous?

Doesn’t Donald Trump know how damaging it is to besmirch a whole religion?

Doesn’t Trump know that alienating the only southern neighbor you have is not good?

Doesn’t he know the civil ugliness he is feeding with his rhetoric?

Doesn’t Donald Trump know how bad he looks making snide, sexist comments about women, belittling handicapped people, pretending he doesn’t know who David Duke is?

Donald Trump is not stupid or poorly educated. And these kind of questions imply that he does what he does and says what he says out of some obliviousness to the larger context, or the consequences of his words and actions.

Perhaps we ask these questions because we already know the answer, and the answer is far more frightening: Trump knows.

I want people to stop giving this man the benefit of the doubt – because that is exactly what we do when we ask those questions. He’s a privileged, over-educated white man. He knows. He absolutely KNOWS.

He just doesn’t care. I promise. Watch this:

When Trump prevaricated over the question of David Duke’s endorsement, it wasn’t his earpiece, nor was it because he’s a secret member of the KKK. That would entail believing in something greater than himself. Even if it’s something evil. He didn’t immediately reject the endorsement because he was calculating how many votes he’d lose if he disavowed him outright. Later, he decided that it would poll better if he disavowed. But it wasn’t about morality or belief – it was sheer numbers. In that moment, he was doing the math, not the ethics.

What you need to know about Donald Trump is that he is truly doesn’t believe the rules the rest of us feel compelled to live by apply to him. He believes himself to be exceptional. And if you were in any doubt of that, just listen to any speech. He repeats it over and over and over. He’s special. He’s exceptional. Ethics and morality don’t apply to him.  Trump joked that he could shoot someone on Fifth Ave not lose his support; people most often reveal the truth of themselves in the jokes they tell.

Trump wants power. He will say whatever he thinks will get him power. He will enable racism and violence among his supporters and staff because it suits him and his goals.

He doesn’t care – not one iota – who it hurts in the process.

He doesn’t care if it hurts the actual process itself.

He doesn’t care if it destroys the Republican party.

He doesn’t care if it hurts his country.

He isn’t a Republican or a Democrat – he isn’t even really American.

He’s for Trump.

He has no ideology but Trump, no nation but Trump.

He will harness the anger and hatred of his supporters to get him into office, and won’t lift a finger to make their lives better should he get in. Because they were just tools to use on this quest for power. He doesn’t care about them. He doesn’t actually recognize their humanity. They are just convenient tools, their anger a viable engine for his rise.

Stop discussing Trump like he might be unaware of what he is doing to the country. He’s absolutely aware.

He just doesn’t care.