The Madness of King Trump #Obama @realDonaldTrump


This is a public record of one of Forbes 500 richest men having a break with reality, publicly, on twitter.

This man is personally worth over 3 Billion dollars, employs countless people, influences many others of his ilk and has a media podium from which to speak as a model of what success is in our culture.

Look at him. Read him. Notice the gap between reality and his perceptions of the world?

This great and disgusting injustice was an election in a democratic country.  He was having visions of marching on Washington – but as part of what? An aggrieved cadre of multimillionaires who feel victimized by the fact that they were not able to purchase the outcome they wanted in an election?

He has no respect for the power of the individual vote, or respect for the framework of the system which values each vote equally. Never mind that Obama did not only gain a majority of electoral college votes, but also the popular vote, by two percent. I feel reasonably confident in saying his words reflect a mind that believes the majority of Americans (who elected Obama) are incapable of using their vote wisely, of recognizing how, despite a sluggish economy, President Obama’s policies more closely align with their own personal aspirations. Basically, I’m fairly sure he thinks they are stupid. Because they voted for a man who had no intention of making Trump richer or allowing him to continue paying a percentile fraction of the taxes they pay, just because he’s white and rich and loud.

He is so poorly versed in history as to call for a revolution. Donald Trump clearly has no idea how revolutions occur, or who they are carried out by, because historically, privileged, out-of-touch rich people fare very badly during revolutions. Their heads usually end up at the bottom of the basket.

Although much has been made of the massive turnout and support of Obama by Latino voters, Donald Trump was very much hoping Mitt Romney would win the election. It occurs to me that another contributing factor in Romney’s loss might have been that he was the sort of person who Trump could like.

My concern is that although Donald Trump may be the most visible of the rich white men who were annoyed by Obama’s re-election, I’m almost certain there are many other quieter men just like him. And I suspect that, like Trump, they are operating with very similar perceptions of reality. In fact, I suspect the only daylight between them is that Donald Trump is so fundamentally insecure that he feels the need to tweet his narcissistic fantasies down the the masses of peasants from on high, like King John I throwing an infantile tantrum.

And these people are running our world. Something needs to change.