As the hour gets late

I’ve been thinking about this for some time, the choice this election presents to us. Not because I’ve had any doubts where my own vote is going, but because I’ve not found any way to make inroads to convince those who will likely vote the other way, or who are still truly unsure, that I’ve got the right choice in mind. I was never a one issue voter, but interestingly for me, there’s never been a case where _every_ single issue I care about is so easily and heavily weighted toward the same side.

As one who respects and uses science, there’s only one party that shares anything close to that respect, while the other party challenges, ignores, or derides as words of the devil virtually every scientific precept except gravity.

As one who doesn’t believe the same religious creed as the majority of this country, there’s only one party that doesn’t fight to erode or erase the division between church and state.

As one who believes women have the right to choose their own course, be treated as the civic equals they are, and have jurisdiction over their own bodies, there is, make no mistake, only one party that defends that, and one party that will destroy that.

I could go on, economics, energy, education, gay rights, taxes, you name it, and it falls out the same way. But lets leave it at those three, and focus on the last.

I really don’t have eloquent or inspirational words to do the convincing. But I do have history – from the dozens of anti-abortion measures passed by Republican majorities in states and in the US House these past years, ant the chance that the next president will be replacing at least one of the 5 Supreme Court justices that now safeguard Roe v. Wade, rights of a woman to jurisdiction over her own body are threatened more now than they have been in near 40 years.

Voting to re-elect President Obama frankly isn’t even enough. It’s the bare minimum. Congress needs fewer misogynists, and therefore fewer people like Richard Mourdock (“[pregnancy from rape] is something that God intended to happen”), John Conryn (“[life ‘horribly created’ by rape is nevertheless] a gift from god”), and Todd Akin (“legitimate rape”). A split congress will at least do less harm, but do we really need to recount the measures the Republican led house has passed this last term?

If you’re a man, and care for your mother, your wife or girlfriend, your sister, your niece or daughter, the nice lady across the street, know that the men of one party – the Republican party – would own them all, tell them what they can and cannot do with their own bodies; tell them they are not worth as much as a man. Don’t let them get away with it. If you’re a woman, and care for your own freedom – reproductive and otherwise – and that of your fellow women, FIGHT for it, please.

And, if you’re afraid your voice doesn’t count, it does. If you’re being bullied by your boss, or your parents, or your significant other, to vote one way or to stay silent, they’re all wrong. Vote your conscience, and DO vote. It matters as much or more now than it ever has.