Delicious: The Wikileaks Cable Collection on Kindle at Amazon

Really, you don’t believe me?

WikiLeaks documents expose US foreign policy conspiracies. All cables with tags from 1- 5000 [Kindle Edition]
Heinz Duthel (Author)
Available on these devices
* Text-to-Speech: Enabled
* Don’t have a Kindle? Get yours here.

Well here it is. Oh, wait, you think I mocked this up in Photoshop?

Not a chance. Here’s a screenshot of the page for posterity.

Yes, I gather someone has gone and used their Kindle Merchant account to upload this, but you have to love both the irony of it and the lack of any kind of human oversight on the part of Amazon.

What’s even more precious are the reader comments. Read them here:

And, if that wasn’t good enough, they also sell Wikileaks T-Shirts.

Get yours now! Before…


I’m not sure before what.