What’s wrong with this picture

Banned – 2010 Limited Edition – Hazel Dooney 

That’s not a joke question. What is wrong with this picture? Exactly what could anyone possibly find offensive about it?

Great light, wonderful muted colours, great contrasts between skin and sheet, the soft green fabric and the ochre glow of the lamp. Any splayed cunt? Any penetration? Abuse? Cruelty to animals? Sharp edged power tools?

Come on – what’s wrong with this picture?

Last week, I was delighted to receive a lovely edition of this in the mail (I don’t get mail up here very often – yes, it made it through the Ministry of Culture’s censor – and yes they opened it!) from the Australian artist Hazel Dooney. This week, I hear that Facebook has decided the digital version of it contravenes their obscenity rules.

Please show them just how badly their values are fucked by going to her site and taking a look at some of her other work. It’s really wonderful. My latest favourites are her Asylum Notebook Series and her Sex Tourist Sketchbook because, hey, I can relate to both the going loony and the too much time on your hands in Bangkok thing. But there is a wonderful contrast between the cold abstraction of her enamel works and the dreamlike frenzy of her watercolours. Also, check out her Blog Sketchbook series. I have a soft spot for the combination of image and text, especially hand written text. It reminds me a little of old botanical notes and the Voynich Manuscript.